Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cultural Security News (Apr. 21 - Apr. 27)

Peru remains active, while Syria, Albania, and First Nations struggle
In politics, Paraguay and Panama have collaborated on restitution for illicitly transferred cultural patrimony for two decades. In the UEA, academics raised concern over a lack a attention to Arabic in branches of foreign universities. In South Korea, a monk continued to petition for the return of an ancient Buddhist statute to Japan.
In a crossover of politics and security, in Italy bureaucracy creates risk for conservation of Pompeii. In Washington DC, a celebration honored 150th anniversary of the Lieber Code. In Canada, the government invested $200,000 to aid museums in research on provenance of Holocaust-era works of art. In France, pro-bono attorneys filed a petition to halt the sale of sacred Hopi masks as source nations for pre-Columbian art continued attempts to disrupt auctions. In Syria, the UNESCO Director-General called attention to destruction of cultural heritage in Aleppo. In the Maldives, rise extremism targeted religious monument from abroad.
In economics, the debate over the role aesthetics versus investment continued. In China, collects show limited interest in Western art. In the United States, collectors noted the consistent value of Oriental rugs. In Arizona, a study suggests the value of Native American art to the economy. Skate’s Art Market Research reported on the quickly growing art market of Poland.
Several lines at Nazca suffer irreparable damage. Photo: ANDINA / INCIn a crossover of economics and security, in Peru, the Ministry of Culture filed criminal charges against a construction firm for damaging ancient geoglyphs. In Peru, trafficking in antiquities contributes to the $5-7 billion earnings of organized crime.
In security, in Albania, after two decades, looting of churches remains a problem. In Egypt, the Archaeological Unit for Confiscated Antiquities (AUCA) caught a smuggler of coins at the Cairo International Airport. In Bethlehem, the Palestinian Authority police detained a suspect in smuggling of ancient coins and pottery.
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