Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cultural Security News (Sep. 09 - Sep. 15)

Art market in China develops - smuggling thrives in the Near East
While the art market in China seems to have cooled off a bit, Sotheby's has partnered with Beijing GeHua Art Company in order to do business on the mainland. A series of fairs in China are enabling younger artists to display their works as new collectors seek "affordable artworks," and the market for reprints shows an increasing trend. Meanwhile, smugglers in Pakistan admitted to the extent of looting, which reportedly includes bribes to police and yields substantial profits on the international market. In response to looting in Syria, the International Council on Museums is creating a "red list" of looted artifacts to assist customs officials worldwide in identifying smuggled antiquities. Reportedly, the illicit trade in antiquities from Syria is connected to, if not directly funding, the purchase of weapons used in the conflict. The extradition of Subhash Kapoor to India has been followed by reports with more detail on the scale of smuggling operations in India. On a more upbeat note, the remains of Roald Amundsen's schooner, The Maud, are to return from Nunavut to Norway.
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