Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cultural Security News (Aug. 12 - Aug. 18)

Controversies in Conservation
One of the spots formerly filled by a Bamiyan BuddhaMore than ten years on, the fate of the remains of the Bamiyan Buddhas remains unknown. Despite UNESCO's decision last year not to pursue reconstruction of the statues, a group of German archaeological conservationists still hope to rebuilt the statues from the fragments. In acquisitions, the Cleveland Museum of Art keeps moving forward. Despite the recent climate of repatriation, the museum added top-rated Roman and Mayan antiquities to its collection. In conservation, UNESCO made progress with Libya in committing to protection of cultural sites while potentially contesting the new board of the Osogbo cultural centre in Nigeria. Controversy also cropped up over the accuracy of statistics on the size of the art market in China and over the unveiling of a refurbished statue of MacArthur in South Korea. Finally, it turns out that after charges were brought against the former-SAS officer in the UK, the fragment of the behind of the statue of Saddam Hussein may not even be authentic.
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