Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cultural Security News (Jul. 15 - Jul. 21)

Investments, Returns, and Losses
In news on the state of the global art market, sales summaries of Sotheby's and Christie's gave opposing pictures, while China continued to respond to increased interest in investing in art. The Chinese Government rejected Ai Weiwei's tax-evasion appeal and arrested a German expatriate on charges of smuggling art. In Brazil, Larry Gagosian will have a sculpture exhibition as part of the ArtRio fair, while authorities discovered that a convicted art thief was organizing thefts from prison in Rio de Janeiro. The Egyptian Museum receives return of mummified rat from Germany, while allegedly artifacts stolen during the Jan uprising were being sold in Qena. Swiss free-ports are being scrutinized for antiquities, while demand increases to store newly acquired fine art. England announced the return of a large cache of smuggled artifacts to Afghanistan, while the United States and Cyprus extended and expanded the list of material restricted from importation.
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