Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cultural Security News (Jul. 08 - Jul. 14)

New Standards in Collecting and Protecting
Several stories in the past week reflect distinct changes in the world of art collecting and protection of cultural heritage. Collectors are increasingly affected by changes in museum acquisition policy that increases the need for proper provenance of donations. On closer examination, the art boom in London and India shows that high-end collectors are ever more discerning of the quality and attribution of works. In protection of cultural heritage, the United Nations has stepped up rhetoric that warns of irreversible damage in Mali, and Chinese policy documents continue to employ the term "guojia wenhua anquan" or “national cultural security.” In interdiction, ICE continues its vigilance with returns to Peru, and a long-time smuggler of idols was extradited from Germany to India. Finally, exploitation of cultural property might be reaching new extremes with alleged calls to demolish pyramids in Egypt???!!!
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