Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cultural Security News (Jun. 03 - Jun. 09)

Revelation and Innovation in the Political Economy of Art
Ancient: The discovery of this leather-bound text will cause the collapse of Christianity worldwide, Iran has claimedA copy of the Barnabas Gospel made headlines again. The artifact was wrested from smugglers twelve years ago by Turkish authorities. Iranian authorities now, reportedly, claim that the gospel undermines tenets of Christianity, and the Vatican has reportedly demonstrated interest in authenticating the document. Questions of whether or not the art market will crash have followed the recent continued record-breaking sales at auction, yet the increase in and geographic spread of art fairs have the potential to expand the market. Additionally, information sources on the art market, such as Artprice, and on-line trading resources, such as Artnet, expand the number of art collectors and investors by continually increasing an understanding of and access to art. The potential for repatriation claims increases with the U.S. renewing agreements, such as with Peru, and nations such as Cambodia opening new cases against American museums.
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