Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cultural Security News (Feb. 26 - Mar. 03)

Economics and Politics of Looting
Dark rain clouds over the Parthenon in Athens (13 March 2006)Economic hardships in Greece have precipitated looting and looting angst. A British couple was detained at Luxor International Airport and ultimately released after objects in question were identified as "cheap" fakes, which were perhaps even made in China. Greek officials did, however, arrest 35 people, who were reportedly involved in a smuggling ring. In Israel, officials caught looters, who were identified as West Bank Palestinians. In contrast, Jordan sought to protect Palestinian property and heritage from Israeli attempts to "Judaize Jerusalem". While not looting per se, the increasing motive of investing in the art market inspired the Art investment Council to set up an event at Armory Arts Week to debate financial and artistic investment.
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