Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cultural Security News (Jan. 29 - Feb. 04)

Records and Wreckage
While the sale of Cezanne's "The Card Players" occurred in 2011, publicizing of the price and buyer made headlines this past week. Reportedly Qatar purchased the painting for $250M, which if accurate, not only breaks but eclipses the previous record for a single painting, which was around $140M. Bonhams activity in India and Art Hong Kong 12 characterize continued news on the potential of the art market in the East. Lest the successes of the art market eclipse other types of cultural property, a range stories from Africa to Sri Lanka to China serve as reminders of the threat to cultural heritage in the path of progress. Monuments in Zimbabwe and landscapes in Nigeria are at risk, while the "Shrine of the Innocents" disappeared in Sri Lanka. In China, the home of a renowned architect couple was, ironically, demolished in the path of a "building frenzy".
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