Thursday, January 5, 2012

China's art market

Simultaneous to rhetoric about China's cultural security, China's art market has emerged as a source of financial security. Reportedly, China's art market has been expanding since 2008 in response to the global economic downturn, and 20ll reportedly marked the second consecutive year of global dominance of China's art market.
While not necessarily influenced by western culture, contemporary art in China may still pose a threat to "cultural security" as prescribed by officials in China. It's not uncommon for contemporary art to challenge preexisting notions of aesthetics and thereby "threaten" traditional cultural ideals. On the other hand, the market for contemporary art seems to be offering a source of financial, and thereby broader sense of, security.
In short in the context of an expanding art market, suggestions that challenges to traditional cultural ideals pose a security risk place financial or economic security at odds with cultural security.

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